A Note on Kids Shows

If you’re anything like this Midwest TV Guy, you might have a couple of Midwest TV Kids and be forced to subject yourself from time to time to modern day children’s programming.

Already expressing my pure disgust for the Disney Channel and the bleeding wound they have left in my soul, most other kids shows aren’t all that much better.  But fear not, Midwest TV Parent.  For there is hope.  Through many years of trial and tribulation, I have emerged with a couple of them that are passable if not downright good.

The sole exception to my Household Disney Channel Rule (“if daddy is in the room, TURN IT OFF”) is PHINEAS AND FERB which is actually pretty funny.  It is about two brothers on summer break who do crazy things to bide their time while their older sister tries everything she can to get them grounded.  They have a pet Platypus who doubles as a secret agent and must foil devious plots by the self-proclaimed ‘evil genius’ Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

It was created by a couple of ex-FAMILY GUY writers and retains much  Family Guy-esque tone and comedic timing (although obviously not vulgar).  Each episode is structured in exactly the same way which gives alot of room for the characters to be self-aware and have running in-jokes with each other.  It’s pretty smart writing and I found myself on multiple occasions watching them without my kids when nothing else is on.