A Formal Apology…

I would like to issue a formal apology to the dedicated readers of MWTVG…  At risk of losing all credibility and journalistic integrity, I make the egregious error of completely dismissing a show  before actually watching it.

After being let down by ARROW for a second (and possibly final) time, I happened upon my On Demand list where after sifting through the piles of comedic dreck I happened upon 666 PARK AVENUE.

Extremely stupid name aside, first impressions are a bear and it was difficult to overcome the bad marketing campaign behind the series.  Coming across as a ‘DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES versus the devil’ plot line, it wasn’t exactly interesting to me at the time.  But the actual show is quite a bit better… dare I say… pretty good?

The basis for the show is that the devil (or “Gavin Doran” played superbly by Terry O’Quinn of LOST fame) owns a luxury apartment complex and makes deals with the tenants for their souls.  When the time is up or the contracts are breached, he comes to collect.  The newest tenants played by Rachel Taylor and Dave Annable are slowly falling into his web as they try to solve some of the building’s mysteries.

I’m now two episodes in and my only concern would be the writers’ ability to keep the storyline fresh for an entire season.  This type of thing is usually made into a 90 minute movie, so can it be stretched for 10 or more episodes?  I’ll be watching for sure.

Think two parts ‘THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE’ with one part ‘THE SHINING’ and a dash of occultism… the script is pretty tight, the special effects are pretty tasteful and it all came together to be an enjoyable if not surprising addition to my weekly DVR.