A Budding Entrepreneur – Farrah Abraham Sells Sex Tape

farrahDouble entendre… commence!

Raising the dignity bar on single motherhood everywhere, FARRAH ABRAHAM of TEEN MOM fame sold her sex tape today for “high six figures” to Vivid Entertainment.  Entitled “FARRAH SUPERSTAR: BACKDOOR TEEN MOM”, the epic 70 minute work of high-fantasy is described by Vivid entertainment as “amazing”.  It co-stars JAMES DEEN and directed by PETER JACKSON (kidding on the PETER JACKSON bit, but Peter would seem to fit comfortably within porn industry naming standards).

This is all after she takes her father and child to the negotiation sessions and subsequently proclaims that JAMES DEEN is not quite as gifted as he should be.  And what better way to construct your professional resume?  A college education is so passe these days.

Although our corporate values here at MWTVG comprise themselves mainly of selling out fast and sparing any kind of integrity, at least 2/3 of the writers would never rely on JAMES DEEN to do so.  And I’m sure that FARRAH SUPERSTAR: BACKDOOR TEEN MOM STARRING THE MWTVG’S would sell so few copies that we would need to pay high into the six figures just for a small production run on laserdisc.

Keep it classy, Farrah.  You make your mother proud.

Release date forthcoming, so be sure to check with your local smut peddler for updates.