SOA – A Perspective

Happy slightly belated anniversary to the Midwest TV Guys.  A month ago the world was changed forever.  Two months from now the world is slated to end.  Coincidence?  I think maybe.

SONS OF ANARCHY continues to fire on every one of its two cylinders tonight (Harley humor FTW!!) with Jax’s cool continuing to unravel, Gemma digging herself deeper into trouble and the hatred between Clay and Nero (and Clay + everyone else for that matter) about to reach a tipping point.

This season has been both riveting and brutal up to now, and is certainly the best eight episode run SOA has had so far.  Not to downplay the previous seasons because they were generally very good, but there were a couple of times where my interest waned along the way mainly because you wonder why a bunch of grown men would take themselves so seriously.

Perhaps my understanding is limited because I’m not in a biker gang myself…

Unfortunately, there were just a couple brief glimpses of the over-seriousness factor in tonight’s episode that have not been too prevalent so far this season.  When you start messing around with the kids, I would be the first one to say “to hell with the club” in favor of my family.  Not to get overly-serious myself here, but it can get so dramatic that it gets hokey.  Here’s hoping Sutter & company can get back on balance through the rest of the season.

But clear of my tangent, keep up the good work SOA.  You make my Tuesday evenings much more enjoyable.