666 Park Avenue – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Now that I’m officially caught up on my backlog of television viewing for the week, I can finally share a quick recap on last Sunday’s episode of 666 PARK AVENUE.  There’s not an awful lot to say as most of the episode focused around Jane recovering in the hospital, but it furthered a couple of good plot points to liven up the back half of the season.

Recap and review inside.  

Starting off a significant amount of time after Jane was closed in the basement’s mysterious spiral staircase, she randomly pops up in the middle of Times Square not able to remember anything of what happened to her.  Which is probably better because the flashbacks she has don’t look pretty.

Gavin continues to torture Victor until he spills the whereabouts of his red box.  Victor instead tells Gavin the truth about his daughter’s death and that his wife knew about it all along.  Gavin confronts Olivia about this fact who in turn confronts Victor who tells her that their daughter is still alive.  Olivia frees Victor on the promise that he will show her where her daughter is.

Over in Brian and Louise’s apartment, Louise comes back from drug rehab and Brian’s whorish mistress Alexis tries to move back in on him.  We find out that Alexis is secretly working for Gavin presumably to steal Brian’s soul, and Brian develops a monster case of writer’s block that is cured only by getting it on with Alexis.  Not quite sure what attracts Brian to a couple of mentally deranged floozies…

ok scratch that — just figured it out.

Back in the hospital, Jane catches wind of another patient that was in the middle of Times Square talking about a spiral staircase, so she goes to visit him on the ‘violent psycho’ floor.  She asks him if he too went down the spiral staircase, he replied that he never went down… that instead he came up.

After being released from the hospital, Nona takes Jane to see somebody in the building who can make her remember the repressed memories.  Queue up WHOOPI GOLDBERG who seems to have taken a short break from squawking out hot air on THE VIEW to grace us with her presence.  But save that for the next episode.

Another solid episode, 4/5.