666 Park Avenue – Last Four Episodes

urlSeveral months ago I had to go through the heartbreak of one of my favorite shows at the time being cancelled by ABC.  RIP, 666 PARK AVENUE.  You were good while you lasted.  Not like swift cancellation is a foreign concept to ABC, as they get cancel-happy any time a show exhibits any sign of weakness.  In fact, we can expect RED WIDOW to be axed soon based on the previous criteria.  But a cancellation after 75% of the episodes have already run… that’s just cruel.

In full disclosure, I have not seen RED WIDOW nor does the concept intrigue me enough to care, but 666 PARK AVENUE was actually a solid show with a great cast and an excellent story.  The least that ABC could have done was let it run its course to air the last four episodes and then let it drop.  Instead they replaced it with DON’T TRUST THE B which they also cancelled.  At least MIDWEST MIKE’S new favorite show THE BACHELOR isn’t going anywhere soon and celebrities will continue SPLASH-ing into pools for the foreseeable future.

The situation with 666 PARK AVENUE simply left me unfulfilled.  And when I feel unfulfilled, my extremely mild OCD flares up a bit and I start obsessively craving what I cannot have.  While ABC states that the final four episodes will air “sometime in the summer”, I am disinclined to acquiesce to their request for me to wait that damn long.  So I set out on a quest to find them.  Think very INDIANA JONES-esque, only sans Nazis and infinitely more exciting than KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

Cruise inside for more!

I was clued in to their existence by two things:  Wikipedia (my trusted source for everything that is, was and ever will be) actually had detailed synopses of the missing episodes.  There are four of them:  The Comfort of Death, Sins of the Fathers, The Elysian Fields, and Lazarus.  The series was also picked up in the meanwhile by a network in Spain called Calle 13 and not cancelled, so I may presume that they aired the series in full.  I knew they were somewhere.  Game on.

So to make a long story short, I found them.  And I watched them.  And they were wonderful.  The perfect conclusion to a great one-off show.  There’s nothing wrong with a one-and-done run of a show and I never really expected to see a 666 PARK AVENUE Season 2.  What I do expect, though, is for ABC to give this show some justice.  Let the unaired episodes play!  And hopefully more shows like this bubble to the surface every now and again on network television.

What is not to like about the remainder of the episodes?  There were secret cults, black magic, demonic forces, murder, revenge, and the ending twist was both strong and unexpected… a great way to cap off the season.  The cast was made even stronger than it was already by the addition of two new characters, one played by a relative newcomer named RICHARD SHORT (also seen in PUBLIC ENEMIES and briefly in AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 1) and an appearance by WILLIAM SADLER from all sorts of stuff but most fondly for me as Breyker from DEMON KNIGHT.

Extreme side note: for a guy named ‘Dick Short’, he really brought his A game to play one of the best characters in the whole season.  Perhaps he compensates for what must have felt like an eternity in middle school.  Furthermore, from my intense research on the topic, his full birth name is RICHARD IAN PORTERFIELD SHORT, or Dick I P Short (for short).  Your parents were cruel, bro.  Downright cruel.

To very quickly summarize (spoilers abound!) Gavin and Olivia’s daughter comes back into their lives and quickly tries to have Gavin killed by a priest.  Always being one step ahead, they both catch on and banish her to the spiral staircase in the basement of the Drake.  Brian and Louise continue to both be played by Alexis who is obviously working for Gavin to steal their souls.  They end up killing her (only half-accidentally) and walling her body up in the basement of the Drake.  Gavin is none-too-pleased by this and banishes them both behind the wall too.  Jane finds out that Detective Cooper is part of a secret society out to hunt the source of evil at the Drake.  Gavin dispatches them all handily including one of the old cult members who attempted to move back in and steal the Drake away from him again.  Henry ends up effectively campaigning for a councilman position and wins.  He is shot by Jane’s father (unbeknownst to him being guided by Gavin) so that Jane is required to sell her soul for Henry’s life.  It turns out that Jane is really Gavin’s daughter from an affair with Jane’s mother.  Gavin ends up bringing her into the “family business” and she ends up pregnant with what is alluded to as the antichrist.  Awesome.

ABC:  if nothing else, please release this show on Blu Ray.  You will have at least one immediate customer.  And based on some of the fan reaction out there, you might have several more.  Straight from the rumor mill:  Netflix, in their neverending quest for entertainment domination, may have picked up the series from ABC and might very well put it up in full.  In the meantime, might I whole-heartedly recommend fans of this show to search out the unaired episodes much like I did as they are really very good and may never be seen again.

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  1. *who the body was…..sorry about the typos

  2. Can someone PLEASE tell me who the body wad on the table in Harlen Moore’s apartment??? He was obviously draining it to tile the floor, but maybe I was in the restroom when he did the killing? Was it his granddaughter maybe? That’s the only conclusion I could draw….

    • Midwest Mark // July 1, 2013 at 10:13 am //

      Hey Jen! Great question. If I remember correctly (it’s been several months since I watched it), she was just a random women he swooned from off the street. Hope that helps!

  3. Midwest Mark // April 30, 2013 at 7:39 pm //

    Richard!! Thanks for stopping by and being a great sport… you were fantastic in 666 Park Avenue and we can’t wait to see you in your next projects. Keep us updated!

  4. Richard 'I Pee' Short // April 30, 2013 at 4:48 pm //

    That is the funniest (yet eerily accurate) review I’ve ever read! Thanks for your kind words about the show mate, lots of other people seemed to be enjoying it too…..and it is indeed memories of a painful “Dick Short, Small Dick, Little Dick”- filled childhood that still drives me to this day!

    Richard Short aka Harlan Moore.

    • Midwest Mike // April 30, 2013 at 9:02 pm //

      Thanks for stopping by Richard. All of us here at MWTVG were big fans of 666 Park Avenue and were upset that ABC didn’t give it the chance it deserved.

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