666 Park Avenue – Downward Spiral

The bittersweet irony of this week’s episode title of 666 PARK AVENUE is that rumors of cancellation are swirling this baby right down the drain.  Even if it doesn’t get picked up for a second season (which at this point is nearly a guarantee), my hopes are that it can at least finish off this season as strongly as it has been going so far.  I will deal with the pain of true cancellation in a few weeks from now.

But fear not.  If every single one of you, our devoted readers, bands together and watches this show… the ratings might rise by a few hundred thousandths of a percent.

In Downward Spiral, Kandinsky escapes capture with help of the now-indebted doctor and is sent on his mission by Gavin to recover his stolen property.  Meanwhile, Dr Scott finds out that deals with the devil accrue mad amounts of compounding interest which is certain to put him in harm’s way very soon.  Olivia takes out Shaw and based on previews doesn’t quite kill him.  Brian (an A grade idiot) finally figures out that he is being played by Alexis and we see a little bit more of Nona’s back story with her mother and grandmother.

The cliffhanger at the end was the best thus far, as Jane discovers the purpose of her necklace as opening some spiral staircase underneath the dragon mosaic in the basement.  As she starts to descend the stairs, it closes in on her.

I would rate this a solid 4/5 and hope beyond hope we can get to some sort of closure before it’s yanked off the airwaves.