666 Park Avenue – Diabolic

After an extremely busy week in non-MWTVG Land, I finally got a chance to catch up on some of the other shows that DVR’d through the week.  Last week’s SOUTH PARK was a pretty funny spoof of the Lance Armstrong scandal seeing all of South Park stop believing in Jesus because he was accused of doping back in the biblical times.

Even though the past couple seasons have been extremely hit and miss, the hits are always bullseyes (the TSA and Broadway episodes for instance) but the misses fly way off the mark.  For you SOUTH PARK fans out there that don’t know already, South Park Studios posts all of their full length episodes about a month after they air to access for free.  Enjoy!

But the title of this post isn’t “666 South Park Avenue”…

666 PARK AVENUE delivered another great episode exploring more of Gavin’s demonic nature.  During the annual Halloween party, one of the guests managed to break into the Doran’s penthouse and steal a red box out of a wall safe.  Who would have guessed that the red box is bad news, and was stolen to extort money and property from Gavin.

By investigating the crime, Gavin finds out that his lawyer was the one who betrayed him, so he took it upon himself to behead his lawyer and deliver the remains to the mastermind of the crime, Victor Shaw.  Victor holds a big grudge against Gavin and demands that Gavin turn over The Drake property to him.  There is some of this not yet explained, but is sure to be soon.  The box holds the evil spirit of Olivia’s ex (or something like that) which Victor is threatening to release to hurt the Dorans.  One would assume from precedent that Gavin is not to be trifled with.

Meanwhile, Jane and Henry are driven further apart by conflicting aspirations and the resident doctor gambles away a $50K loan from Gavin only to now owe him a much bigger debt.  Nothing new on Brian and Louise, but that’s a good thing because they annoy me.  Jane also figures out her connection to the building’s previous inhabitants only to further the mystery.

Jane and HenryWe are now sitting almost halfway through the season and the show is still going strong.  I am very excited to see where it goes from here, and I still strongly recommend watching if you haven’t started to do so already.  4.5/5