666 Park Avenue – A Crowd of Demons

Being out of town last weekend, while being nice and relaxing, didn’t do much for my television watching.  And obviously didn’t do much for my health, as I returned with my yearly head cold.  But fear not, loyal MWTVG reader, because through the wonders of decongestant and a DVR, I will slowly but surely catch up on required viewing.

One of my choices for this season’s batch of shows is definitely 666 PARK AVENUE as I have written about before… with this week’s episode (now last week’s episode) being no exception.

We explore some of the main storylines a little deeper and start to clarify a few things about the building and its sordid past.  We now know that the ghost in the suitcase was part of the original group that performed satanic rituals in the basement in hopes of some sort of large monetary gain.  We also find out that Jane is somehow related to him with her necklace being a family heirloom of large significance.

Gavin’s wife Olivia (VANESSA WILLIAMS) is kidnapped at the annual Halloween bash, and the kidnapper gets away with some sort of box that Gavin keeps in his safe.  The suitcase spirit (which is a great character played by JIM TRUE-FROST) also comes to terrorize Jane and attempt to kill her with an axe, but is promptly eaten by the sparrows in the walls.  I know this makes no sense, but just roll with it.

General rule of thumb: kidnappers and axe murderers make any show a little bit better.

My only gripe with the show so far is that it has pretty much deviated from the deal-with-the-devil theme that worked very well in its first couple of episodes.  It’s difficult to read Gavin’s true intentions whether he is purely evil or somewhat sympathetic, and now I wonder if Olivia is really aware of who/what her husband is or not.

I am very hopeful that this show succeeds because it has a whole ton of potential.  So if you are a fan of the horror genre and need a fresh show to latch on to, give it a try.