30 Rock, I Can’t Believe It’s Almost Over

30 RockAs many of you are aware, 30 ROCK is coming to an end in January.  As of now, there are only 5 episodes left.  While others have questioned whether or not they are phoning it in this year, I think the show is as funny as it’s ever been.

Let’s not kid ourselves, while Tina Fey is the headline act, Alec Baldwin is the engine that drives the bus.  On last night’s show, Jack Donaghy’s mother, played by Tony award winning actress Elaine Stritch (a Midwestern girl from Michigan), died.  Over the years, Jack has had quite a complicated relationship with his mother.  What I have enjoyed about it is that it’s not the typical sitcom fare.  No, theirs is a relationship that can never be duplicated.

Even last night, right before she passed, she said to Jack, “I’ve only ever wanted you to be happy.”  Most of us would take that as a wonderful heart felt sentiment.  Not Jack though.  He sees right through it as something that someone says to somebody when they have not lived up to their potential and needs to settle.

So now, we have “Colleen’s” funeral.  Here is where a lot of sitcoms miss the mark.  Look you are a comedy show, I don’t want to watch your show and be sad.  If I want to be depressed I can watch WALKING DEAD or AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  This is where 30 ROCK is different.  Jack delivers a classic eulogy that somehow is both respectful of the situation and funny at the same time.  You will never convince me that any other actor could have played the role any better than him.

Anyway, in Colleen’s honor, I have found a clip that I feel is representative of the cat and mouse game that the two have played over the years.  Goodbye Colleen, you will be missed.

30 Rock – Colleen and Jack