30 Badass Actors Who Appeared on Sesame Street

urlBeing one of the only Midwest TV Guys around here who still has young kids, I am forced to watch quite a bit of childrens programming.  As painful as this might be, sometimes there is an ironic/hilarious intersection of the kiddie programming and my more refined televised tastes.  There are only a few of the cartoon-y shows that translate well to adults, but one show that bridges the gap pretty well is SESAME STREET.

We have all essentially grown up with SESAME STREET in one way or another seeing as it has been on for a whopping 40 seasons spanning almost 44 years.  Muppet characters come and go, but they have always been known for their celebrity guests.  It’s good to see that regardless of who appears, it stays pretty family-oriented no matter how many meth parties Elmo frequents.

I now present to you the top 30 badass television actors that just happened to make appearances on SESAME STREET.  I would like to think this is all for the kids and not a desperate plea at expanding fan base, although I can see it going either way in some cases…

Firstly, let’s lay down some ground rules.  I tried to stay as television centric as possible, but took one or two liberties with a couple of them.  Second, I had to have video proof of their gig.  Third, our more astute readers will probably point out that there are actually 28 of them with two bonuses.  SO SUE ME.  Actually, go ahead and sue MIDWEST MO.  Tell him that MIDWEST MARK sent you.

#1:  Peter Dinklage and Lena Heady.  Let’s begin with the exception to the rule, mainly because they haven’t appeared yet.  Both slated to appear this upcoming year for a little Lannister representation up in the hizzouse.



#2:  Danny Devito.  IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY and a little stint on AMAZING STORIES, not to mention TAXI, GET SHORTY and BATMAN RETURNS makes anything DANNY DEVITO does pretty badass.  Except for the MY LITTLE PONY movie… forget he did that one.


#3:  Matthew Fox.  So I never watched LOST (or PARTY OF FIVE for that matter), but here’s MATTHEW FOX anyway.


#4:  Dennis Franz.  Remember the big scandal when he showed his bare ass on NYPD BLUE?  It would have been ten times more badass if he would have done the same on SESAME STREET.


#5:  Jamie Foxx.  After astounding roles like DJANGO, it’s hard for me to remember that he’s also a singer.  Mostly because I don’t like his music.  But whatever… Here’s JAMIE FOXX singing about Christmas.


#6:  Jeff Goldblum.  JEFF GOLDBLUM is badass in anything he does because he is JEFF GOLDBLUM.  Are you JEFF GOLDBLUM?  Then you are most certainly not badass.


#7:  John Leguizamo.  Perhaps the most badass guest voice in DORA THE EXPLORER.  Oh, and he was Luigi too.  Now he dresses up in vegetables.  Oh how the great have fallen…


#8:  Adrian Grenier.  Special note to HBO… bring us the damn ENTOURAGE movie already!!  In the meantime, just watch this.


#9:  Jeremy Irons.  In another funny celebrity mashup.  When JEREMY IRONS tells you to “put down that duckie,” you put down that MF’ing duckie already!!


#10:  Hugh Jackman.  Although he wasn’t a badass in SNOWY RIVER (his 1996 TV stint with GUY PEARCE), he does play Wolverine which makes up for prior transgressions.

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  1. I'mThatGuy // August 23, 2013 at 1:38 pm //

    Great list. Don’t forget that Christopher Meloni’s best role was on Oz. He’s fine on SVU, but Oz is where it’s at.

    Longmire is a good show. I wouldn’t call it great, but it’s not bad.

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