The Voice – Season 3 Semifinal Eliminations

MIDWEST MARK is down for the count with the stomach flu.  Bleh.

Besides sleeping, what better to do when deathly ill than to watch a bunch of TV??  As lame as daytime television is, I was still able to get a couple of classic SUPERNATURALS when they aired on TNT and catch up on my fill of the 24/7 news cycle.  It’s really amazing to compare the pristine quality of season 4’s episode “The Rapture” (where Castiel is torn from his host body and Jimmy is left to find his family he abandoned the year prior) and the current iteration of the show they claim to be SUPERNATURAL.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re trying to pull a fast one on us.

Digressions aside, THE VOICE had their eliminations from last night’s performances and you might as well call me Nostradamus because I was spot on.  Cassadee and Terry were the first to be saved and when the vote came down to Nicholas and Trevin, Trevin was the one eliminated.  You have a good voice man, but you tried too hard.

We also saw performances by a few of last season’s finalists… Juliette Lewis (who for all intensive purposes should have walked away the champion), Chris Mann who is a superb singer and who I would assume has a pretty darn good Christmas album and RaeLynn who consistently irritated me last season (tonight being no different).

MIDWEST MO brought up a great point from my post last night.  I don’t watch a singing show for the singers to talk.  I want them to sing.  While most of the reality-talent shows have the personal backstory side to them, the constant flashes away from the music have really been distracting from what the show is all about.  Maybe I’m just noticing it now, but I don’t remember the last two seasons to be so talk-heavy.  It makes me end up fast forwarding 40 minutes of ‘blah blah’ for 15-20 minutes of what I actually care about.

I still have Cassadee Pope going all the way as she seems to be the most consistent out of the remaining three.  Time will tell.  In the meanwhile, I will get back to wallowing in my sickness and self-pity, hopefully I can sleep it off tonight.