2013 TV Preview – Bates Motel

At the intersection of television’s current fascination with horror themed programming and Hollywood’s current fascination with everything Alfred Hitchcock, (and I have zero issues with either) we have a prequel of sorts emerging from A&E that explores the psychological foundations of Norman Bates from PSYCHO.

Aptly named “BATES MOTEL”, a young Norman Bates will be played by FREDDIE HIGHMORE (CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY) and VERA FARMIGA (THE DEPARTED, SOURCE CODE) will play his mother Norma Bates.  The show will also feature some of the Bates’ extended family as well as other happenings around the town.

I suppose this furthers the notion that there isn’t much originality around entertainment anymore, necessitating rehash after prequel after sequel after reboot, but A&E seems awfully confident in their new property forgoing the pilot into a complete order of a 10-episode season.  VERA FARMIGA is usually fantastic in everything she does, and it will be interesting to see what a two scoops of puberty has done to FREDDIE HIGHMORE lately.

Bear in mind that the premise of the show takes place in present day even though it is technically a prequel to the original PSYCHO (think what CASINO ROYALE did for the Bond franchise).  Hopefully it goes off without a hitch, because I would love to see the horror television surge continue.  BATES MOTEL premieres sometime in the spring of 2013, no official date has been set as of yet.

P.S.  Can we please bring back TALES FROM THE CRYPT already??