20 Years Since Joe Carter’s Home Run

joe carterWe don’t talk about sports too often here at MWTVG. ¬†We are Cubs fans and Bears here at MWTVG so usually there isn’t much for us to discuss. With game 1 of the World Series taking place right now (Go Sox) I wanted to take a moment to remember one of the greatest moments in world series history. Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Joe Carter’s home run?

Fun fact for everyone, the two players facing each other in this epic stand off are both ex-Cubs.  Pitcher Mitch Williams had been traded to the Phillies prior to the 1991 season and hitter Joe Carter was part of the epic trade between the Cubs in 1983 that sent Joe Carter and Mell Hall to the Indians for pitcher Rick Sutcliff.

Here it is. 20 years ago today. Joe Carter’s world series walk off home run against Mitch Williams:

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    This made my day

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