20 Under 20 (Up and Coming Young Actresses)

The feedback is in, you want more lists of hot actresses.  But we’ve already done hot women over 40 and TV’s hottest moms. So how about a list of up and coming young actresses.

A 20 under 20 if you will.

To be on the list, the actress must have at least appeared in 1 episode of a TV show other than a talk show to promote a movie and as of publishing be under 20.

Other than that, the list is based on acting ability and looks.  I say acting ability even though several of the actresses appear on shows I’ve never seen, so I went by looks for them.  With all of those caveats, on to the list.

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20.  Kiara Glasco

Age: Unknown
Show: Copper
Discussion:  A young actress that I couldn’t even find an exact age for (man that sounds wrong to say out loud).  My internet research had her name consistently listed as an up and coming young actress, so let’s put her at 20.


19.  Bailee Madison

Age: 13
Show: Once Upon A Time
Discussion:  She’s young and cute.  Does that translate into future potential, god only knows.  So we’ll put her at number 19.


18.  Bebe Wood

Age: 10
Show: The New Normal
Discussion:  Bebe is on a show I happen to enjoy and she does a great job.  So who knows, maybe this 10 year old has what it takes.


17.  Georgie Henley

Age: 17
Show: Jane Eyre
Discussion: Only 1 TV credit but has appeared in some big name movies has earned Georgie a place on the list.


16.  Ariana Grande

Age: 19
Show: Victorious
Discussion: She’s famous for a Nickelodeon show, which I guess is better then her being a Disney star.  We all know what happens to them.


15.  Dakota Fanning

Age: 18
Show: Taken
Discussion: She’s mostly appeared in movies, but has made a few appearances on TV.  She’s got name recognition and is a competent actress.


14.  Ariel Winter

Age: 15
Show: Modern Family
Discussion:  A tough family life gives her a leg up on becoming the kind of crazy that good actors need to be. The business of show can be cruel.


13.  Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Age: 7
Show: Ben & Kate
Discussion:  Appearing on one of my favorite sitcoms, she’s cute and did a really good job on the show. She’s one of my favorite child actors that I’ve seen in a while.  I would think the arrow is pointing up for for Maggie.


12.  Debby Ryan

Age: 19
Show: Jessie
Discussion:  Admittedly, this list is complicated by the fact that these actresses appear on kids shows that I’ve never seen.  She’s cute and has red hair, so let’s put her at #12.


11.  Sophie Turner

Age: 17
Show: Game of Thrones
Discussion: She’s from England with not a lot of other acting credits to her name.  She looks like she has potential though.


10.  Odeya Rush

odeya rush

Age: 15
Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Discussion:  Also not a lot of TV credits to her name, but does have an Angelina Jolie thing going on, which moves her this high up on the list.


9.  Stefanie Scott

Age: 18
Show: ANT Farm
Discussion:  On a show I don’t watch but she was born in Chicago so I gave that a lot of weight in her ranking.


8.  Hailee Steinfeld

Age: 19
Show: Sons of Tucson
Discussion: A stretch as her TV career is 1 episode on a bad show.  But, I liked her because she has a girl next door quality and her movie credits are impressive.  So it appears as if she might have the looks and ability to be around awhile.


7.  AnnaSophia Robb

Age: 19
Show: The Carie Diaries
Discussion:  The whole 2 names with no space thing is annoying, which gives her a strong start. She’s on a CW show, so I’m guessing most guys have never heard of her.  I have never watched her show so I have no idea what kind of an actress she actually is.  She made the list because, well, look at the picture.


6.  Nicola Peltz

Age: 18
Show: Bates Motel
Discussion:  I struggled with where to put Nicola on the list.  On a hit show and with simmering sexuality, hard to argue with putting her this high on the list.


5.  Ryan Newman

Age: 15
Show: See Dad Run
Discussion: Nickelodeon sure knows how to cast some attractive girls.  I say girls, because at 15, Ryan exudes nothing but potential.


4.  Dove Cameron

Age: 17
Show: The Mentalist
Discussion:  Dove is a relatively new actress with a limited number of appearances.  With her bright smile and appealing look, I think we will see more of her.


3.  Peyton List

Age: 15
Show: Jessie
Discussion: I might just have to start watching Jessie.  Yet another attractive Disney actress.


2.  Molly Quinn

Age: 19
Show:  Castle
Discussion:  Anybody who would argue with putting Molly so high up in the rankings is crazy.


1.  Chloe Grace Moretz

Age: 19
Show: 30 Rock
Discussion: Some may be more attractive, but this girl is the total package.  Whatever “it” is, she has it.  I remember her from 30 Rock playing Jack’s nemesis like no other 14 year old could.  She’s my definitive #1.

So that’s the list.  Let’s here your thoughts. Did we leave anyone off the list?  Was somebody ranked too high/low?

4 Comments on 20 Under 20 (Up and Coming Young Actresses)

  1. Uhmm.. Peyton list is Disney…

    • Kelly, upon further review you are correct. I spent forever putting this list together and don’t watch at least two thirds of the shows for which these girls are associated. But right is right, I updated the article to reflect your comment.

  2. Midwest Mark // May 1, 2013 at 8:31 pm //

    Chloe Grace Moretz is fantastic in everything she does. LET ME IN is such a wonderful movie and it makes me laugh every time I see KICKASS. Honestly, I didn’t even realize she was on 30 Rock… excited for the upcoming remake of CARRIE!

    • I'mThatGuy // May 2, 2013 at 9:56 am //

      I thought she was fantastic first on 30 Rock and then when I finally got around to seeing Kick Ass I was even more impressed with her.

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