2 Broke Girls – Is This A Sign?

two broke girlsIf you at all follow this site, you know that 2 Broke Girls is mindbogglingly still on the air.  All the while several much better shows like Ben & Kate or Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 have been cancelled.

We have had several well meaning but obviously dimwitted fans write in to us in rudimentary broken English in an attempt to explain how the show is funny.  You know how that goes, whenever you have to explain a joke, it’s just not funny.

In what may well be a sign that hell is finally freezing over (no it’s not the Cubs winning, they still suck thanks Tom Ricketts) the gourmet cupcake business may be coming to an end.  It appears that people just don’t want to spend $4 for cupcake anymore.

I know, I know it’s too early to get excited.  With no discernible skills and a fading cupcake market I look for them to retool the show.  So we should look forward to either 2 Breaking Bad Girls or 2 Less Broke Whores.  Either way, I’d give the new show a watch.

2 Comments on 2 Broke Girls – Is This A Sign?

  1. I'mThatGuy // April 24, 2013 at 1:21 pm //

    Move this show to HBO and give me some hope that at least one of the two will be topless at some point and I’ll tune in to every episode. On mute of course.

  2. Midwest Mike // April 23, 2013 at 5:55 pm //

    The gourmet cupcake business might be going out but the dumb-ass girl business is booming. I think they’ll weather the cupcake storm.

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