1600 Penn

As a professional TV writer, it is important to stay on top of pilots for shows and who is getting picked up and who isn’t.  As part of the research for MWTVG, you know, because I’m a professional writer, I found this show from NBC that will be airing as a mid-season replacement in the Spring:

1600 PENN stars Bill Pullman (SPACEBALLS, INDEPENDENCE DAY) as the President who has moved in to the White House with his dysfunctional family.  This will be the 2nd time Pullman is playing the President but this time it will be in a comedy role.  Well, I guess depending on your view of INDEPENDENCE DAY, you might think this is his 2nd comedy role as the President but I digress.

I’m concerned that Jenna Elfman (GARBAGE) is co-starring as his wife because I have never really liked anything she has done.  It looks like a large family though so hopefully there will be enough other stuff to focus on so we don’t have to have too much of her on screen.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Josh Gad (WOKE UP DEAD, BACK TO YOU) does on this series.  He has been bouncing around Hollywood for a while and I think he is always funny in the things I’ve seen him in.  He did 1 episode of MODERN FAMILY that he was good on and he was in the THE ROCKER, which was a terrible movie, but he was good in it.  I think he might be the major focus on the show based on the trailer that NBC has provided but we’ll see.

It’s usually not a good thing to be a mid-season replacement because it means the network didn’t think you were good enough to make the starting line-up but hey, we know for sure that they make mistakes.  I’ll be tuning in to 1600 PENN and I think you should too.

Here’s the trailer: