1600 Penn

1600 penn episode 2I recently watched 1600 PENN episode 2 and this is a must watch set to a high priority on my DVR now. If you are not watching this show, you are missing out on a funny comedy. There is so much crap on TV right now, can you really afford to ignore the recommendation of a true TV expert like myself? No. You can’t. So please, before this show gets canceled too, add it to your DVR and give it a chance. It’s funny and will only get better as they find their voice.

The NY Daily News hates the show as does the Hollywood Press.

Don’t listen to them.  We started this blog so you would get a true Midwestern assessment of shows.  Well, this show is pretty stinking funny.  In one of the scenes tonight, Bill Pullman has just found out that his daughter is pregnant from a one night stand, but before he can deal with it, he has to go into a security meeting.  Here is the 4 star general’s response:

The cast is strong, well seasoned, and funny.  It’s a good mix of silly and serious.  This is where we are going to ask you to ignore the left and right coasts and trust the guys at MWTVG on this one.