1600 Penn

1600-Penn-promo-banner-1600-penn-30860365-333-250NBC ran a sneak preview of their new comedy 1600 Penn tonight and…it wasn’t bad.  The show stars Bill Pullman (Independence Day) as the President, Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) as the First Lady, and Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon) as the oldest kid.

The show is written by Josh Gad, Jason Winer (who has written for such big-time shows as Modern Family and New Girl), and former White House speech writer Jon Lovett.

The show wasn’t a laugh a minute by any means, but it has it’s funny moments.  Being the pilot, they have to spend time setting up the characters and introducing the family to us and what their situation is going to be.  Gad is clearly the main focus of the show and that is ok because he is very funny.  Ken Tucker of EW.com (who for some reason has been shown several episodes of this show already when I have to watch them on regular TV like an animal because you the reader have not made this blog famous enough yet for us to get special network treatment) says that if you stick with this show for a couple of episodes, you will see that it is really funny and you will like the characters.

I believe him and I’ll be sticking around to watch more of the show.  We can use another good comedy on Thursday nights.  Here is a clip from tonight’s show: