The 15 Worst Spin Offs in TV History

worst spin offs in tv history

worst spin offs in tv historyHollywood is full of a bunch of simple-minded people. Whenever there is anything that is good, they can’t wait to copy it. We get sequel after sequel for movies and for TV? We get the spin off. We’ve learned a couple of things in our time here at MWTVG. You like lists but you don’t like long lists and you want us to rank our lists. You are a fickle bunch. This list could really have been 150 or so long but in the interest of giving you the reader what you want, I cut it down. Here they are then for your enjoyment, or more likely, your rage:

The 15 Worst Spin Offs in TV History


#15 – Flo (1980-1981)

worst spin offs in tv historyFlo was a spin off of Alice that was brought about entirely because the character Flo had her own catch phrase, “kiss my grits.” It was like whenever Arnold would ask what someone was talking about or later when Steve Urkel would ask if he did that. Kiss my grits had to be in every episode. The sassy southerner Flo was not about to put up with anyone’s guff and if there is one place that a person who is unwilling to put up with people should work, it’s in a truck stop coffee shop. Flo begins with the star visiting her hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas where she then buys an old run down bar on a whim. The ratings for Flo weren’t bad in the first season but a move in time slot caused viewers to disappear showing that people were probably less interested in watching Flo than they were in having to get up to change the channel (remember back in the day when we didn’t have remotes?). Flo was canceled after just two seasons.




#14 – The Dukes (1983)

worst spin offs in tv historyEveryone loved those wacky rednecks from Hazzard County so why not make them a cartoon? Great idea. The Dukes actually ran for 2 season (both in 1983 though) and in the first season, they tried to pawn off the lesser cousin Dukes, Coy and Vance. Well us Duke fans were having none of that and the real Bo and Luke were brought in for season 2. This is not the only spin off that came from The Dukes of Hazzard and it’s not the only one on this list. It’s #14 on the worst spin offs in TV history.

Opening Credits for The Dukes (1983)



#13 – Women of the House (1995)

worst spin offs in tv historyWomen of the House was a spin off of Designing Women. The premise was that Suzanne Sugarbaker’s (Delta Burke) latest husband has died while serving as a Congressman so she has to take over and serve the rest of his term. Totally not crazy and totally plausible. Well at the time, this was crazy but this would end up happening but that situation was crazy too. The two shows were brought to us by political power couple Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. While we loved Designing Women, by 1995, we had had enough of this pseudo-political clap trap. Women of the House lasted just one season and is #13 on the list of worst spin offs in TV history. There is only 1 clip I can find of this show and it’s an entire episode. I’m not going to put it on here though because you guys have a very short attention span. You can go here if you want to see it.



#12 – The Golden Palace (1992-1993)

worst spin offs in tv historyThe end of The Golden Girls did not mean that CBS couldn’t get more work out of their old women. The Golden Palace was immediately spun off from The Golden Girls and picked up right where that show ended. Dorothy had gotten married and moved away and the ladies had sold their Miami home. Not ready to be done living with each other and not quite ready to move to a nursing home, the girls decide instead to buy a hotel. They find out that the previous owners had fired just about all of the staff leaving them to have to do all of those jobs (I once worked for a restaurant company that did exactly the same thing). America wasn’t buying it though and The Golden Palace only lasted for 1 season.

The Golden Palace Intro



#11 – Baywatch Nights (1995-1997)

worst spin offs in tv historyRemember that Baywatch had a spin off? It’s crazy I know. Baywatch itself was never known for being particularly great TV. It was all about slow motion shots of girls running in bikinis. I don’t know if the spin off was meant to screw with America for making Baywatch a pop culture hit but it sure seems that way. What was the premise of Baywatch Nights? Two lifeguards (one was an ex-cop) quit to go form a detective agency. Can you imagine what the pitch for this was like? I can only assume that everyone in the room was high on cocaine (we know for sure that the Hoff was). What’s even better about this show? Bad ratings in season 1 made the producers think it was a good idea to switch things up for season 2. What did they do? They turned it in to an X-Files typ of sci-fi show. Seriously, that’s what they did. Here is the intro for season 2, the one where they are now fighting aliens. It’s awesomely bad.

Baywatch Nights Season 2 Intro


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  1. Great job on this list Mike. I was very hesitant going from page to page as you never know how these lists will turn out but I must say you nailed it for the worst spin off of all time. I also loved MASH and the fact that they thought they could morph one of the best shows in the history of television into something else is a travesty. MASH is one of those shows that really ended well and didn’t leave its fan base saying “They should’ve/could’ve….”

    And in an attempt to be ahead of the curve for your next best/worst list…. If they truly do a spin off of HIMYF from HIMYM it will be the worst show (let alone spin off) in television history. They really need to let it go.

  2. DrZeeHater // January 14, 2014 at 9:10 am //

    I cannot BELIEVE you left out Galactica 1980. Dr. Zee….anyone? ANYONE?

    • Midwest Mike // January 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm //

      Good call on that one. I really loved the original Battle Star. Totally forgot about this travesty. I think my mind had repressed the memory and now you have unlocked it. Great. Now I need therapy.

  3. Midwest Mark // January 12, 2014 at 9:24 pm //

    May I humbly submit The Cleveland Show as being one of the worst pieces of garbage ever televised. And it was on for FOUR SEASONS. Fox: I think your cash cow is starting to run dry.

    • Midwest Mike // January 12, 2014 at 10:30 pm //

      I was going to put The Cleveland Show but it’s been on for 4 seasons. I didn’t think I could rank a show that has been on for that long, even though it’s awful.

  4. Anonymous // January 12, 2014 at 6:54 pm //

    I had totally forgotten about some of these shows which probably shows why they made this list.

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