15 Most Annoying Celebs

As a whole we love celebrities.  At last count there were 4,937,343,091 plus or minus websites devoted to celebrity goings on.  Whose wearing it best, how small is her bikini, is Rihanna wearing a shirt, and is she a lesbian are all questions we want answered every day.

Still, when you read as many articles as we do over here, it seems that certain celebrities are everywhere despite them not having done anything or have over-extended their welcome.  For example, other than making a few sex tapes and being rich, thin, & blonde, what really has Paris Hilton ever done?

In this post I’m going to list 15 celebrities that if I never saw another blog post about I’d be as happy as a tornado in a trailer park.  However, I’m going to try and stay away from the obvious choices like Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus.  It feels like we are getting close to the end of their 15 minutes anyway.

15 Most Annoying Celebs


15.  Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer-lawrence-stalker-737x1024I just don’t get the fascination with her.  Oh, she’s so nice and genuine.   How would you know have you met her?  To me she’s boring and not really all that attractive.  The whole my gosh golly I’m just so lucky to be here act has really worn thin.  She is always playing it like she’s so naive.  Is she really that stupid or is it just part of her act.  Either way, that’s why she’s my #15.



14. Sofia Vergara

rs_634x1024-140116113247-634.Sofia-Vergara-bikini-tg.071310The more I watch Modern Family the more I think to myself that Jay Pritchett got the short end of the stick.  OK, she’s got big boobs, but she has a habit of wanting to talk.  Listening to her talk reminds of what it sounds like when you try to give a cat a bath.  Seriously, I have to put the TV on mute now if it looks like she might speak.




 13.  Seth MacFarlane

indexWhen is this guy’s 15 minutes of fame going to be up.  I’m old enough to remember a time several years ago when this guy was funny.  What made him funny was that he would say things that others were afraid to say.  The problem is it’s tough to always be on the edge.  At some point he decided it would be funny to go way over the edge and just become vulgar.  It’s not funny and his 15 minutes needs to come to an end.



12.  Jared Leto

jared letoReally this guy is famous?  Is the unabomber look hot right now?  On the one hand he questions Jennifer Lawrence’s act which is good, but not enough.  Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are not fans and those two are pretty good judges of character I assume for purposes of supporting my position.



11.  Ryan Seacrest

ryan seacrestI almost left Ryan off the list as I think his time on TV will end whether or not we do anything to help speed up the process.  Still though, he makes the list cause I can’t stand him.  He adds so little to American Idol, I’m not sure why he’s still on.  He’ll ask a contestant who couldn’t be there when a parent dies because they had to perform, “So what were you thinking about while you were singing?”  That’s just great interviewing skills you midget hack.


10.  Gary Busey

gary buseyI can’t be the only one who thinks it’s cruel and unusual punishment to continually put a clearly mentally challenged Gary Busey on TV.  Oh, isn’t is so funny how he struggles to make sentences because he’s got brain damage.  Some state or federal agency needs to step in on behalf of this guy please.




9.  Selena Gomez

Selena-Gomez-Hot3She’s 21 years old and her credits include basically Wizards of Waverly Place and banging Justin Beiber.  I get that she’s big with guys who like girls who look like they are 14 crowd (Terry Richardson), but most of them are in jail.  I know she released a single, but that thing broke the first auto tuner from over use.  Honestly, this girl adds so little talent or substance to the discussion she needs to go.



8.  Tina Fey

Tina_Fey_book_dealThis may shock you to see Tina Fey here at #8.  The fact of the matter is I like Tina Fey.  She’s really the only one on the list I could say that about.  She’s cute and kind of funny for a woman, what’s not to like.  Why she makes the list is she seems to be everywhere right now while being in nothing.  Either star in a sitcom or don’t.  This whole I’m funny for 12 seconds in a commercial is annoying.



7.  Gweneth Paltrow

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Bikini-3-435x580This may also shock you to see Gwyneth at #7 on the list.  By that I mean you probably thought she’d be number 1.  As the list is somewhat subjective, I put her here as the people to come are even more annoying.  We all know why we can’t stand her, I don’t really need to get into it.




6.  Pat Robertson

pat robertsonHad I been writing this post a few weeks ago Westboro Church leader Fred Phelps would have taken this spot.  Rest assured there’s always room on the list for a guy who thinks the people of New Orleans behavior caused the hurricane.  Great stuff guy.  Oh BTW, his estimated net worth is north of $200 million.  Righteous.


5.  Kristen Stewart

kristen stewartWhy, why, why, why?  She always looks like she’s stoned.  There’s any number of actresses who are way better than her like Jennifer Lawrence.  Wait, I hate her but still she’s better.  This chick is a one trick pony and I believe it’s time to send that pony out to pasture.




4.  Kate Middleton

179483023MC008_THE_DUKE_ANDSo your mom was a flight attendant and your dad was a dispatcher and now you are how famous?  Why did you break-up and later get back together?  Could it be that being a princess was your lifelong dream even if you really don’t like the guy.  It’s OK, we’ve all seen Pretty Woman and Coming to America and know you can grow to love him.




3.  Kelly Ripa

kelly_ripaWomen, if you think most men are attracted to women who look like little boys you’d be wrong.  As I’m married I’ve had the unpleasant experience of watching her show from time to time.  She thinks shes so funny and talks and talks and talks.

Kelly, you’re not funny please for the love of god be quite.




2.  Katy Perry

Katy_Perry_breastThere’s only 2 reasons this chick is so famous.  No not those 2 reasons you big perv.  Dating John Mayer and the fact she kissed a girl and liked it.

She’s here because in an interview she said that female pop stars need to coverup a little more.  Just a complete lack of self awareness.

I also can’t stand adult females who act like baby dolls.  So very annoying.


1.  Jenny McCarthy

jenny mccarthyShe’s number #1 for her one woman crusade to bring back the plague.  It’s mind boggling that anyone anywhere would listen to her.  After all she’s a product of the Chicago school system and all.

Seriously though, she’s a special kind of dangerous because she feels the need to say whatever is on her mind right now without regard to the fact that people will follow her like sheep.

Not too long ago she was touting the healing power of crystals and you want to take her advice on vaccines over your doctor.  You are as annoying as her I guess.


So that’s the list.  Sure, Rihanna, Kris Jenner, Lady Gaga,Kanye West, or any number of other annoying celebs almost made the cut.  These 15 are particularly annoying to me.