Sons of Anarchy – Andare Pescare

In an uncomfortably ‘self-gratifying’ episode, The Sons hunt down Frankie Diamonds, Gemma continues to be torn between Nero and Clay, Tara pays Otto another visit and Jax figures out who snitched on the club.

Overall alot slower than the past several episodes, although the scenes with Clay/Juice/Frankie/Jax more than satisfied my weekly need for biker gang violence.

By the way, how uncomfortable would it be to ask your mother to stop sleeping with her boyfriend and start sleeping with your pseudo-stepdad that you want dead?  Just going to let that hypothetical hang…

And there ends my analysis, because quite frankly there’s not much more to analyze.  All of the “self pleasure” going on was strange and I’m not quite sure that I followed the purpose behind it.  Although I can conclusively report that watching Otto get on with his bad self was significantly more interesting than the election coverage on literally every other channel.

Let’s call this one a 2.8 out of 5… still good, but not great.  Previews for next week’s special 90 minute episode look excellent though!  Is Juice’s juice going to get squeezed?  We shall see.