10 Shows Women Can’t Stop Watching

As the longest married writer here at MWTVG, I like to fancy myself as somewhat of an expert on women.  It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to the ladies, I know what I’m talking about.  Just ask any of the many women I deal with on a daily basis.  They will verify my expertise.  So fellas, let me give you a bit of a hand here.  If you and your wife or girl friend or blow up doll (we don’t judge here) argue about TV and you just don’t know what it is that she is looking for, I’m here for you.  Here are 10 shows women can’t stop watching.  You can decide for yourself if you want to watch with her to you know, build your relationship, that’s not something I know anything about.  Here are 10 shows women can’t stop watching:

2 Broke Girls

2 broke girlsI don’t get this one at all.  I am on record with how much I hate this show.  I’ve even asked the President to pull some strings to get this show cancelled.  That request has helped build my fan base immensely.  I’m kidding actually.  I get more hate mail over that article than any other thing I’ve posted here on MWTVG.  There are two types of people who are watching this show (it gets over 4 million fricken viewers a week BTW).  First are a few men.  Those men are watching this show on mute and are only hoping to see Kat Dennings topless.  They don’t care at all about anything happening on this show.  The other type of person watching this show is women.  From what I gather from my fans, they can’t get enough of this show.  Fellas, I’m telling you to take a pass on this one.  If your girl wants to watch this show, then go out to the garage and build something with your hands like the Eiffel Tower.  Don’t watch this show under any circumstances.


Dr. Oz

dr. ozGuys you have probably never watched an episode of Dr. Oz but I am sure you have heard of him.  I would be willing to be that your wife has told you something health related that she just learned about by watching Dr. Oz.  Dr. Oz was put on TV by the Oprah so for sure women were going to watch this guy.  Oprah made Dr. Phil huge and now Dr. Oz is huge.  If Oprah had put her lawn guy on TV women would have been watching that and then giving their husbands pointers on how to better mow the lawn.  Guys I’ve watched this show and in all honesty, it’s not bad.  Dr. Oz will make you uncomfortable at times because there is absolutely nothing he won’t talk about but overall, it’s not a bad show.  If you want to watch this one with your lady, go ahead.  This way you will know everything she was already going to talk to you about anyway.  You are just cutting out the middle man.


The Real Housewives of ______________

the real housewivesThis show is so popular that there are real housewives in multiple cities now.  We’ve had housewives in LA, Atlanta, NY, Chicago, and DC.  The show has also spawned copy cats like Mob Wives and Basketball Wives for those who just can’t get enough of what it’s like to be a real housewife.  This is another show that I just don’t get.  There is not a single person on any of the versions of Real Housewives that is a decent human being.  Each and every one of them is a human piece of garbage who have all had so much plastic surgery that they don’t even look like real women let alone real housewives.  Despite these women being truly horrible people, women can’t stop watching.  I suspect that this is part of that catty part of women’s brains where they like to hate on other women and this show feeds right in to that.  As men, we don’t watch things that we hate.  Women will watch things they hate just so they can be reminded of how much they hate it.  Fellas, avoid this one.  If your girl is watching it, run.  Run far and run fast.



elementaryThis is a show on CBS that very nearly got cancelled.  It has survived and over the last couple of seasons has been steadily building an audience.  I say this is a show that women watch based on the extensive surveys I have conducted within my house where I have found that 100% of women that are my wife watch this show regularly.  I also base it on the fact that the show has not been cancelled, the audience has been building, and I know of no men that watch this show.  Truth be told though, I enjoy this show.  I wrote an article about the premiere back in October of last year where I recommended the show to viewers.  I haven’t been as faithful to the show as my wife has been though.  It was one for me that didn’t make the cut when it came time to thin the DVR herd but, every time I do watch the show, I enjoy it.  Guys, if your wife is watching this show, you can sit with her and watch this one.  You’ll get credit for sharing in the things she enjoys and you won’t be bored out of your mind.  It’s a win win.


Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liarsThis is another show about a bunch of horrible horrible people.  The show seems to be a cross between Mean Girls and I Know What You Did Last Summer and believe it or not, it’s in it’s 5th season.  Want to know how popular this show is?  It’s broadcast in 42 different countries.  If you are a man and you are reading this, I won’t be surprised if the most you know about this show is from seeing random commercials for it here and there.  My wife and female friends my age don’t watch this show (at least I think so) but we are a tad older than the target market.  If your lady is under the age of 30, I’d bet she is watching this show.  What’s my recommendation for the guys?  Well I’ll stick to age ranges here.  If you are a guy that is over the age of 30, don’t watch this show.  It makes you look like a dirty old man.  If you are under the age of 30 and your wife or girlfriend is watching this show, it probably wouldn’t kill you to watch this.  If nothing else, it looks like the show is full of eye candy and if it gets you points with the wife?  All the better.

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  1. I'mThatGuy // June 10, 2013 at 7:40 am //

    Is Elementary a women’s show? I watch it and now you have me questioning myself. Thanks for that.

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