10 Old Shows that Deserve a Reboot

10 old shows that deserve a reboot

With news this week that 3 old TV shows are being brought back to TV (and not good ones), and the sad return of The Odd Couple, I started to think about shows that really should be brought back. Lots of people have tried bringing back some old shows with very little success. Dallas was on TNT for a while, and while I liked it a lot, the ratings were never good and it got cancelled. They tried a new Knight Rider. Failed. The Odd Couple is awful and should be gone already. It’s been tried several times before but so far, nothing that I thought was really deserving of a return has been given a chance. Here are 10 old shows that deserve a reboot, at least according to me.

10 Old Shows that Deserve a Reboot

#10 – Gilligan’s Island (1964-1967)

10 old shows that deserve a rebootYou are probably thinking that there is no way a show like this would work today. We have too much technology. How could you ever get so lost? Well. Have we ever found that Malaysian airplane that crashed somewhere near Australia? What if those people are really alive somewhere? We don’t have any idea. The point is, it’s possible. You can still get very lost today even with all of today’s technology.  I’d love to see this show re-done with today’s updated versions of the characters.

On the old show, we had a scientist, a sailing captain (do you know his name?) and his first mate, a rich old couple, an actress, and just what was Mary Ann’s role?

Those archetypes can be updated for modern times.  How would they interact on the island and how would the new version of Gilligan keep them from getting rescued? I’m sure something can be done with this show. For some reason, no one has tried.

#9 – Rawhide (1959-1965)

10 old shows that deserve a rebootAre there any westerns currently on TV? Other than reruns of Rawhide, no there aren’t. The western genre is a fantastic genre for TV. It was hugely popular back in the early days of TV. It fell out of favor in the 60s and 70s because the youth at the time didn’t like the idea of a good guy vs. bad guy set up because the world is a more complicated place than things always being good vs. evil.

HBO did Deadwood for several seasons and there is a hugely loyal fan base for that show. Western movies have done very well at the box office showing that there is indeed an audience out there for westerns. We are missing out on this.

Rawhide can be brought back and updated. Not updated in the sense that it’s a western set in the modern world. That of course wouldn’t work. Rawhide can be updated to be more complex and to deal with issues that are more gray rather than black and white good guy vs. bad guy.

I would bet there is an audience for this show.

#8 – M*A*S*H (1972-1983)

10 old shows that deserve a rebootM*A*S*H was set in Korea but it was an anti-Vietnam war film and TV show. The show was hugely popular. How hasn’t this show been brought back and updated? We have been at war since 2001 and still have people in harm’s way today in various places around the world. We have problems with the VA helping our returning veterans and we have problems with PTSD and veteran suicide that would be perfect subjects for an updated version of M*A*S*H.

There have been shows that have been tried during the war years but they were terrible. There was one even that was set in a hospital in Afghanistan that was just godawful. Why? Because they made it too much of a soap opera. That is not what M*A*S*H was and that’s not what a reboot should be. M*A*S*H was a comedy that dealt with serious topics as well as funny ones. That is what a reboot should be as well. Anyone who has served knows that there is just as much humor in the military as there is pain and suffering. That is what people want to see. Deal with the serious topics yes, but be funny too. The TV landscape is waiting for someone to reboot M*A*S*H. If someone comes along and does it the right way, they would have just as big of a hit.

#7 – Mission: Impossible (1966-1973)

10 old tv shows that deserve a rebootThe movie franchise has been hugely successful. Why has this show not been brought back? I am guessing that the movie people probably own all of the rights and don’t want this to be on TV so they can keep making movies, but if that’s not the case, not bringing this show back to TV is really almost criminal.

Who doesn’t like a good spy show? It’s been 40 years since this show was on TV. Imagine how this show could be updated with today’s technology. The geopolitical situation in the world today would give them endless amounts of subject matter to do shows on.

I like the original version and would love to see this updated for today. Unless the movie people are blocking a TV production, there is no reason this show shouldn’t be brought back.

#6 – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981)

10 old shows that deserve a rebootThis is one of my all-time favorite shows from my childhood. I just loved Buck Rogers. Who doesn’t love a good space fantasy? Buck Rogers came about during the Star Wars craze so everyone wanted things to be in space. As with all space movies and shows, Star Wars included, they are basically westerns set in space. Buck is an American cowboy who does things his way. He always beats the bad guy and he gets the girl in the end (Erin Gray anyone? Yes please).

It’s available on Netflix and I’ve gone back and watched it again. It doesn’t hold up well but the memories are still good for me. I would love to see this get rebooted using today’s technology. Part of the reason the old version of Buck doesn’t hold up is because the special effects are so bad and the choreography for fight scenes is awful. We have come a long way in both of those areas so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There was a show that could be called a version of Buck Rogers that has a huge cult following, Firefly. Those fans want that show to come back. I don’t think it ever will but if Buck Rogers ever made a come back, I would bet those fans would give it a try.

Buck Rogers is a show that could benefit greatly from today’s technology and production standards. I’d love to see this show given a chance at a reboot.  Battlestar Galactica (another of my favorites from my youth) was given a chance and did well. So could Buck Rogers.

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