10 New Shows I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

With Labor Day weekend upon us, it means a couple of things.  First, summer is over.  Second, we are close to getting real TV back.  There has been some decent TV over the summer but we all know that mostly it’s a wasteland.  Soon though, real TV will be back.  We gave you the premiere dates of all the shows on TV this fall and the list is long (and distinguished).  There is a lot of good TV coming back to us this fall and plenty of new shows coming too.  I’m excited about some of my favorite shows coming back but I’m also excited to see some of the new shows too.  Here are 10 new shows I’m looking forward to this fall:

Atlantis (BBC America)

atlantisI am a fan of Copper on BBC America.  It’s their first foray in to original programming on American TV.  This fall, they are adding a new show with a fantasy twist.  I don’t usually watch the fantasy type shows (that’s Midwest Mark’s area) but I am going to give this show a chance.  Atlantis premieres on BBC America on Saturday November 23.


Dads (Fox)

Dads-FOXDads is a show coming to Fox this fall that already has a ton of negative press surrounding it.  The critics absolutely hate it and that could be a good thing (they hated 2 Broke Girls too and we all know how that turned out).  Dads stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi who are life long friends who for some whacky TV sitcom reason, have to move in with their dads (played by Martin Mull and Peter Reigert).  I don’t really have high hopes for this show based on what I’ve seen and heard but I’ve been surprised in the past.  With the kind of talent being thrown at this show, you should at least give it a chance.  We might all be surprised.

Dads premieres on Fox Tuesday September 17 at 7:00.


The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

michael-j-fox-showAgain, I don’t have a huge amount of hope for this show.  I’m more curious to see it because it’s Michael J. Fox returning to TV.  The premise?  Here’s one for the comedy books, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Mike Henry has to quit his job as a TV anchor to focus on his health and his family.  Let the shenanigans ensue.  I don’t have high hopes for a comedy based around watching someone suffer with a horrible disease but then again, Honey Boo Boo is a hit so you never know.

The Michael J. Fox Show premieres on NBC Thursday September 26 at 8:00.


Sean Saves the World (NBC)

sean saves the worldYou might remember Sean Hayes as one of the only funny things about Will and Grace and now he’s back with his own show. Hayes stars as a divorced dad who’s 14 year old daughter moves in with him forcing him to be a full time dad.  Well, Sean is a very busy and very powerful businessman so being a full time dad?  What?  That’s crazy?  How is he going to do that?  Men can’t handle kids on their own.  Boy, I bet he will be in some pretty crazy situations.  I’ll give this show an opportunity because I thought Hayes was pretty funny on Will and Grace.  I’m hoping he’s not a one trick pony that can only play one character, but I suspect he is.  Also, he’s a midwest TV actor from Glen Ellyn so he will get a chance from me on that as well.  For fans of classic 70s TV, Linda Lavin (Alice) will be playing Sean’s mom.

Sean Saves the World premieres on NBC Thursday October 3 at 8:00.


Hostages (CBS)

hostages tv seriesHostages stars two big-name TV people, Toni Collette (The United States of Tara) and Dylan McDermott (The Practice, American Horror Story).  The premise of the show is that Collette is a surgeon that is going to be operating on the President.  A rogue FBI agent (McDermott) kidnaps her family and orders her to kill the President to save her family.

The premise to this show is very interesting.  I’m not sure how they are going to make this in to a long-running series, but I am willing to watch and find out.


Hostages premieres on CBS Monday September 23 at 9:00.

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