10 Annoying TV Characters

I recently wrote a post about the 15 most annoying celebrities.  The post looked at annoying celebrities that show up constantly on websites.  Some of them are bad people, some have no talent, and others were both.

The thing is that list focused on actual people.  Today I want to look at 10 annoying TV characters that I’d like to see their character killed off.  Oh, and not kind of killed off in like a dream sequence or where no body was recovered.  No, this has to be an irreversible death such that even the most creative TV writer wouldn’t have a way to bring them back.



10.  Jane Rizzoli on Rizzoli and Isles

Rizzoli She won’t be the last cop on the list and they will both be on the list for similar reasons.  On the show she plays a tough as nails take no crap detective capable of disabling career criminals easily twice her size.

Really?  What are you a 130 pounds, most of which is hair weight.

The kicker is she thinks she’s so funny and she’s just not.  Also, her voice sounds like shes a few cigarettes away from needing that device to talk through your neck.



9.  Marcus on About A Boy

Benjamin Stockham 897I suppose as a 45 year old white male it’s wrong to passionately hate a 13 year old.  I don’t care it’s my TV and I’ll hate 13 year olds if I want to.

The show is OK and would be a whole lot better if this kid fell down a well.

It could still be called about a boy but more like the Gotye song, “Now you’re just some boy that we used to know.”



8.  Piper Chapman on Orange Is The New Black

taylor shilling 987So we are to believe that this woman was so into another woman that she was willing to transport money for her?

Whatever, that’s not even the most unbelievable part.  It’s America.  We don’t send our white women to prison.

We really wouldn’t even need to get that creative with how we kill her off, she’s in prison!



7.   Raj Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory

Raj Koothrappali 987Talk about a character that is annoying.  Where are you supposed to take a character that is only attracted to women way out of his league and couldn’t even talk to them if he wanted to?

We’d be better off if his character had and unfortunate lab accident.

BTW, did you know he’s actually reasonably attractive and has a hot wife.  I kid you not.  Look for yourself here.



6.  Danny ‘Danno’ Williams from Hawaii Five-O

scott-caan 987As promised here’s another cop making the annoying characters list.  Now I’m not saying this guy is short, but he did only get this role because Peter Dinklage turned it down.

Seriously, this guy’s 5’5″ maybe 140.  I actually think Detective Rizzoli could take this guy.

I’m sorry son, can you stand to the side until the adult detectives get here.  That would be great.  Thanks.


5.  Scarlett O’Connor from Nashville

scarlett o'connor 987Nobody in life is as gullible as this chick.  Oh maybe this time it will be different if I’m just a little bit nicer.

The decisions made by her character make me blinding rage angry.

I’d like to see this character Thelma and Louise herself, but just with her in the car.  Too much?



4.   Quinn Perkins on Scandal

quinn perkins 987Let me see if I understand what you’re trying to sell me here.  This character was framed for blowing up a building which sent her life into a tailspin.  She’s at a point where she’s afraid of her own shadow.

Fast forward a bit and now she’s a ruthless psycho-path killer that enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on people.

I buy Kerry Washington crying 4 times every episode, but this chick as a serial killer.  Come on son.


3.  Will Schuester on Glee

Glee-WillS01987I’m sorry, but it’s just weird to see a grown man so into singing and dancing with a bunch of high school kids.

Am I the only one tired of the whole, come on we just need a better set list to win regionals pep talk?

I envision his character meeting his untimely end in some type of hair product accident.  Maybe have Sue Sylvester be behind it.



2.  Manny Delgado

Manny DelgadoWhat’s not to hate about this kid.  I know it’s probably wrong, but I find myself rooting for the bullies whenever this kid is on the screen.

You come from a broken home in a dirt poor city yet you still have the refined tastes of a French food critic.  Makes no sense.

I see this kid dying from an allergic reaction to some fancy foreign food he’s trying to make sure we all know he’s better than us.


1.  Abby Sciuto on NCIS

Pauley Perrette 987There is no one on TV that I can’t stand more than this chick.  She’s 45 years old BTW and dresses like this on the show where she’s plays a super smart lab something or other.

Honestly, I can’t believe the Navy would allow someone looking like this in the building.

NCIS is the most watched show on TV.  As it’s on CBS you know it’s big in the retirement home community.  You’d think someone looking like this would frighten all the old people.

In any event I’m rooting for a terrorist attack to take out her and only her.  Than at least I won’t be subjected to a 45 year old woman carrying on likes she’s 12.


Honorable Mention:  Hat Guy In New McDonald’s Red Couch Commercial

If you haven’t seen this commercial, it’s awful.  It has all the terrible elements – bad song, stupid theme, and a bunch of hipsters.  Just terrible.